Friday, October 3, 2008

{DIY: D is for Damask Candle Wrap}

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I recently came across the Fussy Designer blog for a graphic designer who designed a custom damask wrap to go around candle holders. Here are 3 templates you can download and print on vellum to adhere to your votives.

  • Vellum Paper (compatible for the type of printer you have - ink jet or laser)
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Scissors
  • Glass Candle Holder
Note: Votives should be purchased from Michaels, it's a pack of 12, grayish box with a picture of candles on the side of it.

Her vellum was purchased from Staples, make sure you pull the vellum tight around the votive and secure with double stick tape.


Embellish your divine damask wrap by adding colored ribbon or rhinestones 
for a little pop and pizzaz.

The template has colors of orange and brown.  If you would like to create this DIY
project in black, simply print the template and photocopy it on a black / white copier.

Don't want to use vellum paper?  Check out the fabric section at your local
hobby or craft store.  Then use the provided template to cut out your piece.

Don't want to DIY? Check out some of these great sites:

Votive candle holder photo courtesy - soon2Bmrsjaramillo from
THANK YOU!! They are beautiful!


Mandy Hank said...

ohhh I love the Damask- it's calling my name!! :)

soon2Bmrsjaramillo said...

The top photo with the 4 votives lined up belongs to me :)

(soon2Bmrsjaramillo from

Just thought I'd give myself credit.

Mrs. Designher said...

Oh my gosh, absolutely!! You deserve credit. They are BEAUTIFUL :)

soon2Bmrsjaramillo said...

Yay! Thank you! They look great lined up on the top of my oven LOL!

I also have a MS Word template that has 4 black and white designs. I've already emailed them to lots of people; maybe we can work it so that it also can be easily downloaded?

I got the basic (and wonderful) directions for this project from under "Lovin' the DIY".

Mrs. Designher said...

They do look super cool!! I want to make some myself because I've received a ton of awesome feedback from this post, so mad props to you!!

Great idea for the template as well, but I don't know how to make it download like the one in the link above. If you figure it out, let me know and I'll definitely be happy to add the link.

Thanks for reading our blog. :) How did you find us?

soon2Bmrsjaramillo said...

I came across it via, one of the brides on there mentioned this site. Then I told the Project Wedding girls about it and they were all excited. So, needless to say, you'll probably have a bit more traffic now! Well deserved, you have an awesome site here! :)

Mrs. Designher said...

Ahhh thank you :) I did notice my count jumped over 100 people on the day you posted, so that's why I asked. Thanks for mentioning me. That was so very nice of you!! :) I appreciate it!! :) I'll have to check out Project Wedding. I adore the website!! Happy blogging!

Monica the Bride said...

Thanks for mentioning my store!

Monica the Damask Diva

Carissa said...

They are so cute!
I was wondering is there any way for me to get the exact templates that are used in the picture of the 4 finished candle holders? Those prints are so great together!

Thanks, Carissa

Jessica said...

Could I please get the template for the 4 damask votive wrap designs? This is exactly what I need! Thank you!

The Event Essentials said...

Jessica - if you click on the link "HERE" it will download a PDF file for you of those templates that you need. :)

Amanda said...

I LOVE this! Is there any way I could get the file to make my own. I have been looking all over for something like this. I clicked the here link, but it only opened a blank page for me. Thanks!!


Amanda said...

I absolutely LOVE these! Is there anyway I could get a copy of the template emailed to me? I tried to click on there here button but it only opened a blank page. Thanks so much! Amanda

The Event Essentials said...

Hi Amanda - this link should work for you :)

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