Wednesday, October 1, 2008

{DIY: C is for Cute Cake Stand}

Picture 1

I think when serving cupcakes or mini cakes they look so much better when served on a cake stand. In this tutorial I will show you how to make a cake stand that is very easy and quick to make. You can adapt it to the color or pattern on your cakes. I have used thick gift wrap paper to cover the cake boards. But you could ice your cake boards with rolled sugarpaste/fondant icing instead. Only remember to ice the cake board a few days in advanced so they can dry throughly.

Note: remember when you have assembled the cake stand with cakes on it, not to move it around too much.

  • Cake boards: 1×8″, 1×10″, 1×12″ {Note: if you want one more tire on the stand. You will need 1×14″ cake board.Polysthyrene cake dummies 2″ high: 2X5″ and 2×6″. You will need 2×7″polysthyrene cake dummies for one more tire.}
  • Satin ribbon for the cake board and the polysthyrene cake dummies
  • Thick paper or sugarpaste/rolled fondant icing
  • Glue stick and regular glue {Note: use school glue}
  • Metal pins
  • Sharp scissor
  • pencil
Step 1:
Start by glue the dummies together. So they can dry completely.

Step 2:
Take your chosen ribbon, and attach it on the dummies with a metal pin.
Note: you can also glue the ribbon on. But I want to use the dummies again. So therefor I have not glued my ribbon on

Step 3:
When the dummies are dry, start by wrapping the ribbon around them so it slightly overlap all the way to the top.
Note: the metal pin on the picture, was only put in so I could take the picture.

Step 4:
Attach the ribbon with a metal pin.

Step 5:
Lay the cake boards on the choosen paper. Take your pencil and draw a line around the board on the paper. Cut out wih a pair of scissors.

Step 6:
Take the glue stick and add glue throughly all over the board.

Step 7:
Place the paper cirkel on the cake board and rub it lightly.

Step 8:
Now it is time to attache the ribbon to the side of the cake board. Add a metal pin to just keep the ribbon in place.

Step 9:
If you like you can rub a bit of glue on the side so the ribbon stays in place. End by taking the metal pin and attache it to the overlaps.

Step 10:
Now your cake stand is finished.
Note: I have not assembled my cake stand with glue, but you could do that for an extra safety. If you use iced cake boards you can use royal icing to fix it if you like.

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