Monday, October 6, 2008

{DIY: E is for Emergency Kit}


Pink Lady Kathleen from thePinkBookBlog posted this very helpful blog to make your own emergency kit for the big day.

For extreme klutzs like me, attending a wedding with out some sort of back up plan is asking for cake on the dress and a bloody nose. And while some accidents are going to happen, and emergency kit could be that photo-saving grace. Here are 20 of the essentials I could think of, if you have any others, let us know!

We have created this post before with a much more extensive list.  Click HERE for a full list with many more ideas on what to add to your kit.  Pick and choose as necessary.

Use a nice large hat box or big plastic container for your Emergency Kit items.
Then after the big day, store this in an easy to access cabinet or closet of your home.
It will be very handy for other occasions or emergencies that may arise.  
Just make sure to check the expiration dates!

Seperate your items into large Ziplock plastic bags and label them according to use.
It will be much easier to find your items, the more items you have.
{i.e. - medical, bathroom, beauty, etc.}


Dave Robertson said...


My compliments on your creative post! And if your readers want to comparison-shop, they can check out our earring backs too.

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Anonymous said...

I can't agree more that an emergency kit is very important for the big day. I was once a bridesmaid for a friend. We forgot to include hairspray as part of the kit and has a hard time trying to keep the hair in place to last the whole day.


Rashana of The Bridal Party LLC said...

Really great and useful post!

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