Thursday, August 23, 2007

Photography: Wedding Tips from Experts

Joe Buissink, Owner, Joe Buissink Photography
While in college, Joe Buissink witnessed one of a wedding's most common flaws: extra-long posed photography sessions. Seeing a need for impromptu shots, he started a successful photography business.
He has shot dozens of celebrity weddings, including those of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, Christian Slater, Yasmine Bleeth, Brendan Fraser, Christina Applegate, and Kelsey Grammer.

Joe Buissink's Tips
1.) Don't spend money on a photographer's name. Seek out someone adept at shooting in the style you love.

2.) When selecting a photographer, ask to see their entire collection. A portfolio displays just the best shots. If you can, ask to see the entire proof set -- as many as 1,000 images that show the good and the bad.

3.) Make it clear that any posed sessions should be run quickly and efficiently. After 30 minutes, smiles become unnatural and wedding party members get anxious.

4.) Shooting outdoors can be difficult due to weather conditions. Don't rule it out immediately (landscaping and architecture add interest), but have Plan B in place.

5.) If photography is important to you, book your specialist a year in advance. The best photographers have full schedules, and the best locations get booked early, too.

Article found on Better Home and Garden's website.

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