Friday, August 24, 2007

How to Make a Crystal Tree

Ok I know a lot of you have seen those beautiful tree branches dripping with crystal rhinestones and wondered how to make it. Well, we found this AWESOME site that gives you all the details and all the products you need.

Crystal Tree Project

A Stunning Focal Point for the room as shown in Bride's magazine - Brilliant idea: Simple centerpieces succeed with a single eye-catching installation, such as this crystal-festooned tree, as the party's focal point. The main attraction: tree branches—gilded (not painted) silver, and dripping with crystal ropes—sit atop a special champagne bar (or escort card station). centerpieces. Perfect for Showers, Receptions, Engagement Parties, Brunches and more. Crystal candle holders with taper candles serve as simple guest table decorations, while Swarovski crystal leafs adorne the backs of the chairs (double as guest favors). Because the tree is the room's focus, you can spend some of the usual fresh floral centerpiece $$$ on the tree instead ... much more stunning and memorable. Unlike anyone else, we make the Swarovski Lead Free crystal ropes, sell the Swarovski crystal leafs (shown on the chairbacks) and manufacture and sell the actual trees like this, right here on this website. Bride's magazine is full of stunning decor ideas like this. You can subscribe to Bride's by visiting their website at

How to Make a Crystal Tree?

Ethereal Decor sells awesome Faux Reproduction Manzanitas trees in silver and other colors, as well as professionally made real manzanita Trees. Just choose your tree (faux or real) and then decorate with crystals and other tree decorations of your choice.

You can buy our Swarovski Lead Free Crystal loose octagon prisms (link together yourself), or you can purchase our octagon prism ropes already linked together. Make your own crystal tree using a suitable locally obtained tree or branches or buy Swarovski Lead Free crystal from them and a finished Faux Reproduction Manzanita or even a real, natural, silver or gold "tree".

The crystal tree in project #1 with the long ropes of Swarovski Lead Free crystal is actually nearly 6 feet tall (according to the tree's maker). You can make a smaller version however. The tree in the picture above was made with predominately 16mm and 26mm size Swarovski Lead Free octagon prism ropes. 14mm crystals simply do not make the same impact.

©Copyright 2007 Ethereal Manufacturing & Sales. Written permission required to copy or post our editorial copy elsewhere whether in whole or in part. The following info is not from Brides, but direct to us from the designer: according to the tree's designer, this stunning tree is a full 6 feet tall and was made using 16mm and 26mm size Swarovski Lead Free Crystal octagons linked with gold (brass) with subtle connectors (no ugly "bow tie" connectors) made into long ropes. According to the designer, he used mostly Swarovski Lead Free Crystal Octagons on most of the branches and a added a few Swarovski Strass 32% lead crystals mixed in on some of the outer branches. Swarovski Lead Free Crystal is the second finest crystal chandelier crystal in the world and Strass 32% lead crystal is the absolute finest precision cut chandelier crystal available anywhere. Swarovski Strass costs 2 - 3 times as much as Swarovski Lead Free crystal and sparkles probably about 20% more than the lead free.

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