Tuesday, February 9, 2010

{Paper Love Crafts} Sweet Pea Planter

Sweet Pea Planter
Sweet Pea Planter

Here is a child’s Valentine gift that does not include candy.
(found on funinthemaking.net)

Isn't this absolutely adorable?! I would love for one to sit in my window at home just getting some nice afternoon sunshine. What a great way to reuse those funny milk or orange juice boxes.   I even love how the little straw was used to hold up the little plant.  Sooo clever!!

Is there a trick to opening these boxes right?  Even as a child, I could never get them to open all pretty.

How To:

Collect empty milk or juice cartons; the kind kids get at school with their lunches. Then wash them out.

Cut out pictures of pea plants from old seed catalogs and paste them onto the outside of the milk carton/pot.

Add dry potting soil and drop in two pea seeds. Alternatively you can place the pea seeds in a mini envelope/ Valentine card.

Staple the top closed.

Save straws (optional) if doing this project for home. Don’t waste a new straw; reuse a straw that would otherwise be on its way to a landfill. The straw becomes a support as the pea plant grows taller.

Print Valentines or design your own.

Valentines for juice cartons

Valentines for milk cartons or seed envelopes

Thank you - http://www.funinthemaking.net/category/valentines-day/ - for this absolutely adorable project!

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