Sunday, February 7, 2010

{Paper Love Crafts} Cute Paper Flowers

Super Cute Paper Flowers


1. Draw a spiral on a 4x4" square sheet of paper
2. Cut out spiral along the lines you have drawn
3. Begin rolling up the spiral from the outside
4. Keep on rolling until there is no more left to roll
5. You're done.


Andrea Reeves said...

This is so cool, I don't know if this is something new you are doing but I thought this tutorial was great! Thank you for sharing

Andrea (Artisan Photography)

The Event Essentials said...

I started a new series for February called "Paper Love Crafts" :) Hope you like it. Next month we will be on to other things!!

Ez said...

Thanks for sharing this tutorial here on your blow. If you could please update your link to: I would truly appreciate it. I want to make sure that proper credit is being given to the artist who created this great project.

The Event Essentials said...

Ez - I relocated it to that link, but it says error on the page when you click on it. Could you help with the right link :) Thanks thanks!! I love those little flowers!

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