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{Pro in the Know} Table Linen Terms

When it comes to planning the details for your grand celebration, you should always consider the scheme of things and truly think about the big picture.  Linens can truly bring a room to life.  A lot of facilities already provide basic linens in typically white, ivory, black and some times brown. 

Here are some terms that will help you when looking into which linen option is right for you:

Classic StandardThis line offers the largest selection of colors and sizes and is the most economically priced it is the perfect solution for cost conscious budgets or, as coordinating linen to an overlay. If you are looking to add dramatic color and flair to your special event this is the way to go! 

Picture 2

Lamours Lamour is a smooth matte- satin fabric that lends a luxurious and polished appearance to you table. When you are the event planner, remember Lamour is the special event linen with a myriad of colors to reflect the feelings you are trying to reveal. From wedding linen to any party linen you can imagine, Lamours will present the sentiment you want the guests to experience.

Picture 3

Bichons and BengalinesWith the crinkled silk feel of Bichons and the luxuriously ribbed texture of Bengalines, these tablecloths, napkins and chair ties offer unusually rich color palettes to your table fashions and effortlessly become the party linens to have and showcase your special events!

Picture 6

Damasks and Brocades - Elegantly textured Damask and Brocades are sure to set your special event apart from the others, as you showcase that a tablecloth is not just a tablecloth, it’s a statement!

Picture 7

Pintuck - A very rich and elegant linen with a diamond shape grid pattern and gorgeous sheen.  Dresses up any table to an elegant, yet modern level.

Picture 9

Glitz and GlamourWith its wide array of fabrics that glisten and sparkle, this line will add sizzle to table linen and excitement to any event d├ęcor. Add that perfect party linen that will set your special event apart by adding that exceptional twinkle.

Picture 8

And one of the most important questions I get:

Lap Length Linen - If you are sitting at a table, this linen drapes over the top and comes down to just sit above your lap.  This is a great linen to use as an overlay over top of a floor length linen.  I don't recommend using it alone as you will see the table legs.

Floor Length Linen - If you are sitting at a table, this linen drapes over the top and comes all the way down to meet the floor.  

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