Thursday, October 8, 2009

{Pro in the Know} Place Card vs. Escort Card

A frequent question that comes up often is ...
what is the difference between an escort card and a place card? ... and do I really need menus?
Picture 2
Escort Card:  These lovely cards are used to tell guests which table they are assigned to for the main reception.  Typically they are displayed in an area just outside or close to where the guests will be entering in and done in alphabetical order.  They should be alphabetically arranged in an area and could carry a cohesive theme with the rest of the decor.  For example, a beautiful floral centerpiece may sit in the center of the table and tent folded cards in color or theme matching cardstock will align around the arrangement.  The card usually states the guests name and "Table number ____ has been reserved in your honor."  Then the guests pick up this card and carry it with them to their assigned seats.

Get as creative as you wish when displaying the escort cards.  You can use fascinating ribbons and fabrics, mini picture frames, river rocks with calligraphy, miniature flower pots and more.  Think outside of the box on how to "wow" your guests by incorporating your personality.
Picture 3
Place Card: These beauties are actually displayed at the seat to where the guest is assigned and typically done when you have given your guest a meal option on your invitation reply card.  You also would have a seating chart available for your guests to note which table they are assigned to.  The place card is a bit more time consuming; however, it's very important for the catering staff to know which entree is being served to which guests.  It also can indicate if there is a food allergy or specific need for the guest such as a vegetarian meal.

Another opportunity for you to showcase your personality and flair.  Have fun matching your place cards to your decor and theme.  You can still use beautiful folded table tent style cards that match your stationery, but you can also get creative.  Color code them with big rhinestones for the staff to clearly see and don't forget you may be in a darker room.  Or you can find fun shapes of animals to indicate chicken, beef, fish or veggie options.

Picture 4
Menus: Menu cards are a fantastic way to personalize your celebration dinner and add to the decor elements.  Your guest feel as though they are sitting down at a private dinner in honor of the guests.  Even if the meal is pre-chosen for your guests, its a nice way to inform them of what is best yet to come. Better yet, if you are using food stations, it allows your guest to pre-plan ahead for what they will choose  when they go to serve themselves.

Photography by: April Green Photography (rock place card), BQ Photography (blue escort cards), Ivy Studios (pink escort card and menus), Weddings by Us (Tuscan place card)


The Blushing Hostess said...

With regard to menus: They finish a table and are something I always save, so I would recommend them to anyone, even if you can only put one or two on each table... always a good idea.

The Event Essentials said...

Absolutely :) they definitely finish a table and work as part of the decor :)

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