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{Pro in the Know} Addressing an Invitation

There are several ways to address your invitations, but it all depends on the degree of formality desired, who is being invited, how modern do you want your piece to be, and of course cost.   Your envelopes are the beginning of the first impression for your event, so its important to choose wisely on how you are presenting your gorgeous invitation pieces.

Below are several options on how to address your envelopes on your invitation.  To figure out the option that is best for you, take the number of invitations being mailed out and multiply it by 3 or 4.  That's how many steps each piece is going to take.
  1. Outer envelope main address
  2. Outer envelope return address
  3. Reply card return address
  4. Inner envelope name (if you choose to have one)
Handwritten Address - This is the most cost effective option, but can become very time consuming depending on how many envelopes you have to address.   If you give yourself a goal of 10 - 20 pieces per day or per person, your handwriting will stay beautiful on all of the pieces.  You can ask friends, your bridal party, or family to assist you.  Also try your writing pens out on paper before you use them to make sure they don't smudge or smear.  You don't want a messy envelope!
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Calligraphy - For many years calligraphy has been considered one of the most popular ways  to address a wedding invitation.  This art form creates a beautiful elegance to your envelope and can save your schedule if you don't have time to hand write them yourself or don't have legible penmanship. When choosing a calligrapher that is right for you, make sure to ask for samples of their work.  Often times, a calligrapher will have several font styles to choose from and can match the style of your invitation.

Picture 2
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Computerized Calligraphy - Computer calligraphy is a beautiful alternative to hand calligraphy for the cost conscious busy individual.  It offers sophistication and elegance, but can often times come at a fraction of the cost.  There are several beautiful calligraphy style fonts that you can give your printer to use when they are printing your envelopes for you.  Or check with your stationer to see if they can do it for you and match the same font on your invitation.  Often times you may even be able to incorporate the invitation design and a flourish of your choice.

Envelope Wrap w/ Address - Envelope wraps are a new trendy way to incorporate the design of your stationery into the design of your envelope.  They start on the front of the envelope and wrap all the way around to the back with the return address printed directly on them.  It's definitely not standard etiquette to have them, but they sure make a wonderful first impression and carry a cohesive look for your design. You then either hand address, calligrapher or even use computerized calligraphy to do the main guest address on them.
Picture 1
Address Labels - Labels are a quick alternative to hand writing and computer calligraphy.  You can find them in all different colors - white, silver, gold, and even clear.  If you are going to use labels, try the clear ones so they don't look so odd against the background of the envelope.  Or try to incorporate a design into your label rather than just text.  This would be my least recommended way of addressing an envelope unless its the only way you can get them out in time.

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