Thursday, July 23, 2009

EE Celebration | Tuscan Wedding {part 1}

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Back in May, I was truly honored to be share collaborative design talents along side of a wonderful friend and very gifted planner, Regina from Meant2Be Events.  For this elegant and regal wedding, the bride, Candice, was very much into personalizing her details to showcase their personality as a couple. (So many details, it will take 2 days of posts) Nothing was left untouched or didn't go unnoticed.  At times, I even caught guests making comments about their excitement to see what element will come to life next.  It was a very warm, inviting, and eye appealing celebration filled with an over abundance of love (and rhinestones!) Candice and Kevin didn't stop smiling, laughing, dancing, and kissing all night.  As a vendor, it was a magical experience that will never be forgotten and their pure happiness was very contagious!  

Until tomorrow ... there will be more beautiful shots of this glamorous couple, their orchid chandelier ceremony, choreographed confetti filled first dance, blinged out cake, and more ... stay tuned!!


Party Blog at Accent the Party said...

love the setting and mood in this one..

Kelcey said...

I was privileged to be a guest at this wedding as the bride is my husband's cousin. It was beyond gorgeous. It was indeed magical in every way. Each and every vendor did a spectacular job.

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