Wednesday, July 22, 2009

EE Celebration | Automotive Grand Opening

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In March, we spent an 5 incredibly long days designing, planning, and coordinating a "Sandsational Grand Opening" celebration for an Sands Chevrolet in Arizona.  Amidst the trying economy, the 12 acre 95,000 square foot dealership opened in late December 2008 with a huge success.  The March celebration started off with a 450 person dignitaries group for a red ribbon cutting ceremony with local city officials and the chamber of commerce.   The show room was filled with vintage cars, the new 2010 Camaro, inspirational speakers, divine food, custom house wine and the melodies of an amazing string quartet.  In case you are wondering, yes, the orange buzzard is a cake.  It was a surprise for the owner of the dealership as his name is Buzz and their mascot is this adorable Buzzard, also named Buzz ---- "Have you Heard the Buzz?!"

Following Friday evening was a 2 day public open house which brought in more than 4,000 people from surrounding neighborhoods.  The kids immensely enjoyed the huge bounce slide, rock climbing walls, sports bounce, smoked bbq and all the raffle prizes that were given away by 2 local radio stations.  And finally, come Monday, there was a beautiful luncheon hosted for the GM Retirees where more than 500 people enjoyed the afternoon reminiscing about past sales days and learning about the new products.  In all, it truly was a Sandsational Grand Opening and we wish many successes to this dealership!! 

Once again - amazing photography by the awesome Ivy Studios - THANKS Brandon and Shelly! You are my rockstar photographers!

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