Monday, February 2, 2009

{Super Cool Rococo Candelabra}


I have been searching like crazy for these super cool acrylic candelabras.  They had the beautiful mirror ones on display at a hotel that I toured a few weeks back and I absolutely fell in love with these playful pieces. Instead of using the stems for candle holders, they took one and added the votive cups with the feet extensions on them. Then filled it with colored water and added some flower heads. It was GORGEOUS and completely different. I feel lin love with them instantly.

16" tall. Holds 5 standard taper candles. Metal cups hold candles into acrylic pieces. Ships flat. Assembles in a jiffy.  They can be purchased through the


Laura said...

I think the colored ones are cool, especially if you have a fun and sassy event. Metallic ones are best if your celebration looks elegant and sophisticated. I saw also luminaries available at have different selection of wedding centerpieces that are often so pretty to display on tables.

Mrs. Designher said...
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Mrs. Designher said...

Cool thank you!! And you are right. You could do some really cool things with these. Even if you don't add candles, you can get votive cups with extensions on them and fill them with flowers. PRETTY!!

cj said...

Candles are a great way to add a warming glow and exceptional atmosphere to any room. So your guests will undoubtedly love these gorgeous candle holders, decorated with stunning accents inspired and colorful ones.

Orlando Wedding Photographer said...

Love the ideas! from WEDDING


Jennifer & Glen

Christine said...

Do you happen to remember what hotel you saw them at? We want to use them for wedding centerpieces but aren't sure what they would look like with the votive cup extensions or even where to find the votive cup extensions.

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