Saturday, January 17, 2009

{Suckered by a Girl Scout}

I just had to take 2 seconds to post this today because it was too funny not to share!!

*{DING DONG} goes the door bell

* {BARK BARK} goes the three chihuahuas protecting my door

{me} "Hi Sweetie, may I help you" 

{cute little Girl Scout} "Yes, I'm selling Girl Scout Cookies and wanted to know if you would like to buy some."

{me} "They are really yummy, but I am on a diet"

{cute little Girl Scout} "We have sugar free ones"

I got suckered!  She was too cute for words:)  I think mommy was in on a little scheming, but I adored it and bought a few boxes!  ha ha


Sergio said...

That is so funny. The same thing happened to me. How can you say no?


Emily Edwards said...

Oh my gosh Kim... that is too funny!

Juliet Douglas said...

That's so cute! Now I'm craving these cookies and I can't buy them in stores!!

SueHawk said...

The sugar-free GS cookies are pretty tasty. Sounds like you bought enough to share. Good for you! As a former Girl Scout, I thank you.

Aletha | Pearls Events said...

Why Hello! Of course you can share my logos with your readers. Thanks for asking :)

Mrs Pile said...

My Girlscout did the SAME thing. She even had a "ooh, these are new, sugar free and taste as good as THIS cookie does!" (I'm pretty sure she had never tried the cookies, but she got the Fake it Till You Make it part down pat!)

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