Wednesday, November 26, 2008

{DIY: U is for Unity Candles}

Unity Candle
  • 1 pillar candle (whichever size you wish)
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Ribbon (thickness and color depending on you, of course)
  • Straight pins, cut to about ¼”
  • Thimble
  • Wired edge ribbon for tapers

For the unity candle- (this is to make the design above)

1. Measure 8 pieces of ribbon in the length of the candle.

2. Take one piece of ribbon and use a pin to secure it to the bottom of the candle.

3. After securing the ribbon, bring the ribbon up diagonally across the candle.

4. When you are happy with your line, secure the top with another pin – but don’t push the pin all the way in. (I suggest pinning it on the “flat” part of the candle, not the rounded top.)

5. Follow this process with three more ribbons, evenly spacing them out.

6. Next, you’ll want to secure ribbons going the opposite direction to create your diamond shape. To do this, carefully remove a pin from the top and attach your “new” ribbon to the pin as well. Now push the pin all the way in to the candle.

7. In the same manner as you attached the first ribbons, bring the ribbon down and across to the bottom, securing with a pin. Continue this with three more ribbons.

8. Now take pins and place them at each intersection of ribbon. This will prevent your ribbon from sliding out of place during transport.

9. Using Elmer’s glue, attach a decoration to hide the pins. (I used rhinestones. Small flowers would work as well.)

*If you misplace a pin, it is easy to remove it and place it elsewhere. Chances are the mark that’s left will be covered up by ribbon. I also suggest using a thimble to push the pins in…your thumb tends to get a little sore after awhile!

For the tapers

1. Using wired edge ribbon, create two bows.

2. Take a small piece of the wire edged ribbon and wrap around the tapers where you’d like the bows located – secure in the front with pins.

3. Attach bows (over the crease of the wrapped ribbon) with pins.

4. Hide pins with decorations such as rhinestones or small flowers.

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