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{DIY: O is for Out of Town Welcome Baskets}

What goes inside of an "OOT" box, bag, or hotel welcome basket for your out-of-town guests?
Article and three top photos by: Bliss! Wedding Market
{Check out their fab"Bride Ideas" blog}
Three bottom photos provided by: Kate Parker Weddings 

REQUIRED: First and foremost, a thank-you note from you and your fiance. Even if you compose a blanket thank-you letter on your computer, at least handwrite the guest’s name on the front of the note and have both of you personally sign the note or letter at the bottom.

REQUIRED (if applicable): A weekend itinerary. If your wedding celebration will span a couple of days, it will be nice for you to compose a detailed itinerary of the weekend’s events. The itinerary should include the order of events, day-by-day. Also, include the list of venues, directions, and phone numbers. Contact information for key family members or friends guests can contact in case of an emergency.

OPTIONAL BUT WOULD BE NICE: Alternatively, expand the day-by-day agenda into a full-blown newsletter. Compose a brief story of how you two met and how you got engaged. Explain why this locale is important for you to exchange your vows. List the city’s tourists spots and other points of interests. That way, your guest will have something to do during a break in the bridal festivities. List your favorite restaurants. List the bridal party members and their connections to you both (for example: “Lisa is the MOH and the bride’s sister” or “Matt is a groomsman and was the groom’s college roommate”).

LOCAL SOUVENIRS: If you’re getting married in a town that is known for it’s local faire, include it into the basket. Beignette mix or pralines if you’re getting married in New Orleans. “Don’t Mess with Texas” t-shirts for a Lone Star affair. “I *heart* NY” for a NYC-hosted celebration. Maple syrup for a Vermont event. You see where I’m going with this?

FILLERS: Bags of candy, chips, breath mints, and/or chocolates. A couple of bottles of water or cans of soda. Tabloid magazine (nice for when the guest is lounging poolside at the hotel during a “break” from the bridal festivities). Many couples are dumping the traditional wedding favor in favor of the OOT bag. This is especially true for destination weddings where guests have travelled internationally.

Choosing the right packaging is important and can be fun to embellish! I sell several unique bags and boxes perfect for your guest’s OOT box!

{Kim's Food For Thought}

Don't forget to coordinate the theme of your grande event
on all of the stationery items in your OOT kits!

Guests also appreciate those little packets of headache medicine,
upset stomach pills, and / or allergy tabs.

Surprise your family and friends any time they fly into town
for a visit, with these clever little baskets.

Don't want to DIY?  Check out these great sites for already made OOT kits:
Bliss Wedding Market (for chic bags}


Erika said...

Mu husband and I did OOT bags for our guests who flew to our Jamaica wedding. We gave them a personalized touch by putting personalized water bottle labels on the bottled water.

We bought the labels from, packed them in our suitcase, and then bought water after we arrived in Jamaica.

It was quick, easy, and beautiful! Our guests really enjoyed them!

catering said...

That would be a nice wedding favor..those do-it-yourself favors are unique favors at a smaller budget and I think guests will like it!

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