Wednesday, October 22, 2008

{DIY: K is for Kissing Balls a.k.a. Pomanders}

Use these wonderful balls for decorating, as bouquets or favors. Easy and inexpensive to make. Try using dahlias or carnations for a different look. The trick is get the flowers as close together as possible when you are placing them into the ball. Use fresh or silk flowers.


Styrofoam Ball
2 dozen stems of silk rose buds
Low Temp Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Directions for making with silk flowers:

Pull the roses off the stems or use a wire cutter to remove -leaving a 1/4" on each. Using a toothpick make a hole in the Styrofoam ball for each rose bud you are attaching. Then fill with a dot of hot glue - place the rose in hole. Let dry. Continue adding roses until the ball is filled.
You can insert a few leaves between the roses for added color.

Directions for fresh flowers

You will doing the same as above but instead of a Styrofoam ball use an Oasis foam ball for fresh flowers. Also instead of using hot glue to hold your flowers in place use greening pins instead.

To make a handle

If you want to carry your rose ball you can easily make a handle. Use ribbons or jute. Measure desired length x 2 and add 3 inches for the knot. Tie into a loop (double knot). Hold in place with greening pin. Then hot glue another greening pin over the top.

Or prior to starting with your flowers, take a long stitch needed and pierce it through the center of the foam ball with a ribbon attached.  Make a big knot at one end and let some ribbon hang.  You now have a very sturdy handle.

{Kim's Food for Thought}

Drizzle a few dangling crystals from the bottom of the ball to give it some glamour.

Add pearl pins or rhinestones to the center of the flowers to give it sparkle.

Make three small ones and hang them on a continuous row.

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