Tuesday, February 5, 2008

100 Best Websites: Groom411.com

Welcome to Groom411, your guide to the good, bad and ugly of being a groom.  Most wedding planning sites are deemed too girly by the guys; this one is just for him, with essentials - planning checklists, tux tips and more- presented in a male-friendly format.

It's actually a great sites for brides too.  Check out all the awesome lists and feel free to print one, two or  more.  Why not slip one into your mans briefcase when he's not looking!  They have great lists and information the men (and women) will definitely appreciate!
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Wedding 101:
To-do's, Responsibilities, Who Pays for What, Bachelor Party Info, Honeymoon Planning ....

Tuxedo Basics, Toast Guidelines, Gifts to Give, Fitness Goals, Dancing Moves .....

Budget Calculator, Countdown Timer, Average-ator, Wedding Bingo, Stress Relief .....

Ask a Groom:
All Alone? Need Help? Chat, advice, commiserate ....

(Modern Bride pg. 179  Dec/Jan 2008)


Anonymous said...

thanks for the shoe link! I just forwarded this post to my fiancé. because its his 1st time (duh) and the wedding industry doesnt really exist where he is from, he is so unbelievable overwhelemed, and he is not even planning it. i never see posts for men, so an extra special thanks for putting this one up.

Melissa DiStefano said...

I love this little dude! What a great post! Thanks!!!

Oh and Weddingexpatstyle - Men, ya know, they just don't understand all of the details, they get overwhelemed in closet... let alone flowers, and cake and food - that's one too many for most men! :)

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