Friday, February 8, 2008

100 Best Websites:

This specialty site, recommended by MB's accessories editor, makes it easy to find wedding-appropriate footwear: It's entierly stocked with white and metallic shoes, from satin stilettos to beaded flip-flops. But you'll also find other nuptial gear - evening bags, cake toppers and jewelry - as well.
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Nothing makes blogging more fun then to be able to talk about great shoes on a Friday! The thing I love about this site is their wide variety of brand names, as well as the additional accessories. A lot of the time, brides will come to me asking me for a good website or store to shoe shop and this site will be a great link for me to pass along.

(Modern Bride pg. 180 Dec/Jan 2008)

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Anonymous said...

what about colored shoes? i know more and more women are branching out into colored fun shoes, and i was thinking blue for the something blue. have any ideas?

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