Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Four Reasons Men Need Flowers

Four Reasons Men Need Flowers

Women and flowers never get boring. But what’s something you can give men year after year that they won’t tire of? They have enough ties, enough tool sets, and enough funny cards; what’s really going to make them feel special this year? A dozen roses will!!

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Male readers are gawking. A dozen roses will not make me feel special, they say—they think, but the truth is men need flowers for four most important reasons. So do something different this year: send the MEN some flowers—at the office. Everyone will be talking about it.

Flower Guru Bill Gross spends every day in the midst of hundreds of flowers, and from both personal experience and research has compiled four important reasons why men need flowers:

1. It’s been scientifically proven that the presence of flowers relieves stress because its aroma has a calming effect. How many men do you know that have stress-free jobs?

2. The presence of flowers in the office helps employees, clients—anyone—to be more open, intimate and honest in the workplace. Gross says these are ingredients for a successful business, and he knows.

3. A Texas A&M University study links flowers to increased productivity in the workplace. Cha-ching! Men want and need to be successful to boost their male egos.

4. A Rutgers Behavioral Study concludes that flowers trigger happy emotions, life satisfaction and improve social behavior. The fathers and men in your life will be better friends, husbands, and dads with a flower boost.

Gross, owner of Flowers to Go, has brought thousands of flowers to the people of western Washington. He’s changed the floral industry into affordability and convenience. He started with a flower bucket on the streets of Bremerton 25 years ago and from there started transforming old burger joints into drive-through flower shops. He now owns and runs the most flower shops in the state.

(thanks Flowers to Go for this fun article)

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