Thursday, September 13, 2007

Target: Brides and Bridesmaid Gowns

Ok, so I may be one of the last people to post on this, but have you seen the bridal selection at Target lately? The wedding dresses are really very "vanilla" (plain and simple), but they are kind of cute actually!! They scream "I'm a blank slate" just waiting for some rhinestones or a vibrant colored sash and brooch to be attached. It's easy to be clever and crafty with these gowns because the prices are super affordable. You have to check them out if you are a crafty bride-to-be, a destination beach bride, or even a bride on a budget. Sooo cute!!

Target - Wedding Gowns

.... and they even have a bridesmaid selection (or great dinner party dresses). Simple, but you can't beat the prices!

Target Bridesmaid

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