Monday, August 13, 2007

Cool Candleholders

I received a catalog for ABC Distributing in the mail today and decided to thumb through it. Unfortunately, I’m suckered by junk mail because I’m a graphic designer and have to see all the ads people design out there. Some times I get great ideas, some times I find things not to do, some times I just throw it all away.

This time I found something that really inspired me. Everyone is always asking me for creative ideas to use as centerpieces instead of flowers. Well, there are a few great ideas that I came across. The tall Metal and Glass tea light holder is for the floor, but I think it would be beautiful on a table where you want to add height to a room. You could easily add some flowers or greenery to it as well to dress it up and hide the base. I also love the hanging stars. This would dress up a room so amazing!!

Log on and check them out. The best part is, the pricing is AWESOME on this stuff too!!

Cool Candle Holders

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