Thursday, December 3, 2009

{Holiday Crafts} Candy Cane Vase

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I am always looking for great affordable way to incorporate the holiday into my dinner table. I love this project because candy canes just scream Christmas. This vase is perfect for slipping fresh cut flowers or even a potted amaryllis into. You can make it to any size you want. I used

those regular size candy canes in my vase craft project, but if you needed a really big pot or vase you could use those great big candy can sticks that are about a foot tall.

You should be able to make this beautiful centerpiece for less than $10. You can really vase money buy using an existing glass jar or terra cotta pot instead of running out and buying one. You can easily pop the hot glue of when Christmas is over and use your vase again!

My favorite part about this craft project is that once the Christmas Holiday so over you can pop the candy canes off and eat them since they’re never taken out of their clear plastic wrappers!

To Make a Candy Cane Vase For Christmas You Will Need:

  • A Couple Boxes of Candy Canes (Leave them in their Plastic Wrappers)
  • A Glass Jar or Plant Pot (Whatever size you need)
  • Hot Glue
  • Large Red velvet Ribbon (You can use any color you want!)

Now, to save money I used an empty spaghetti jar. It was the perfect size for my cut flowers. You could easily make this with a small terra cotta pot or an empty glass vase as well.

Start by running a bead of hot glue along the stem of your candy cane. Place it onto the glass jar. I like to place mine so that the hook of the candy cane is at the top of the glass jar and facing out. You can change that up if you want. This craft project would look really neat with the candy canes upside down with the hooks facing out. It would make the bottom look more substantial.

Work your way around the glass jar attaching each candy cane as close to the next one as possible. Once you have finished you can move on to the next step.

Cut your Christmas themed ribbon to size. I like to cut the ends at and angle so that they look finished and professional. Tie the ribbon around the glass jar covered in candy canes. Now that was simple!

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AraAnn said...

That is an absolutely adorable vase!!! It looks & sounds very simple to make too. :)

melissa said...

Love this Idea thanks for sharing it

Suzanne said...

that's a really great idea!

The Event Essentials said...

Did any of you make it and take pictures? I would love to see :)

Vencanice said...

Love your idea. Thanks.

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