Wednesday, November 12, 2008

{DIY: R is for Ring Bearers Pillow}

RB Pillow
Your ring pillow will be a treasured keepsake so use the highest quality fabric you can find.

Materials and Tools:
1. Start with the smallest square pillow form your fabric store has in stock. This project gives instructions for a 9X9 pillow form.

2. Use the most beautiful white silk or satin you can find to cover your pillow

3. Cut 2 squares of fabric measuring 10" x 10" and pin the right sides together. The fabric you want to show on the finished pillow should be facing each other.

4. Stitch together, remove the pins. When you are finished sewing remove the pins turn it right side out - making sure to push your corners out

5. Insert the pillow form into the fabric. Close the opening by hand or machine.

6. Use 1 1/2 yards of wide satin ribbon to tie a bow around the pillow. Pin back the loops in the bow with straight pins hidden under the top loops.

7. Add another small bow made with narrow satin ribbon that will hold the rings (don't attach the real rings -use imitation metal ones available in favor supplies) and secure it down with a few stitches.

8. Sew a 2" tassel onto 1 1/2 yards of satin cording.

9. Fold the tassels and cording in half and tie them around the bow on the pillow.

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