Friday, September 19, 2008

{I am FALLing in love}

Picture 4
I wish my screen had smell-o-vision right now because these candles look absolutely delish! 
Actually, while I was shopping today, I turned the corner and caught the divine whiff of cinnamon spice and it suddenly hit me that my favorite season is right around the corner {even though my car still says its 104 degrees out today}.

I'm ADDICTED to smells, especially the ones that include the names of cinnamon spice, candy corn, pumpkin, apple cider, coffee or toffee, and of course the calorie free smell of chocolate cupcake. There is just something so heavenly about these candles and the fact that Yankee Candle is having a "Buy One get one 50% off" sale. WOOP WOOP!! Happy Friday everyone!


Candice @ Jubilee Events said...

I recently got a scratch and sniff in the mail full of yankee candle's new scents. So super yummy! Their fall collection has always been my favorite.

Lisa said...

OH these look so yummy! I cant wait to get some!

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