Saturday, September 13, 2008

{Her First High Heels}

WARNING: May cause extreme smiling and hysterical laughter when in use 
(this is completely normal).

Picture 3

Now baby girls can really kick up their heels - in stilettos fashioned for the crib set. {I'm thinking baby Flower Girls would DIE for these high fashion accessory pieces}

The soft crib booties designed to look like high heels are selling like wildfire in 22 states and overseas, their creators told - and the tiny spikes are about to make their New York debut.

Mointte Benitez, 33, who was strolling in City Hall Park yesterday with her 4-year-old daughter, said they're something she "definitely would" buy a baby "for the sake of fashion."

The shoes - in sizes 0 to six months - are not meant for walking and will "collapse" if little ones put weight on them, says the designers' Web site,

Creators Britta Bacon and Hayden Porter say on the Web site that "her first high heels" are "extremely funny, completely soft, fully functional high-heel crib shoes for babies."

The novelty pumps that let infants channel their inner Carrie Bradshaw come in six colors - leopard satin print, hot pink patent, black satin, zebra satin, black patent, and hot pink satin.


lifelovelipstick said...

oh. my. god. that is fabulously hilarious! If i only had a daughter....

Kirstin @ Bliss Event Group said...

These are adorable! What a great idea for a baby gift too.

RedFeather said...

How fun would this be for newborn photo sessions. I can see it now, pink flowery headbands and heels!

i Do {blog!} said...

seriously these are way too adorable!

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