Tuesday, August 5, 2008

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With an infectious sense of fashion and need to steer the lackluster home accessories category in a new direction, Margaret Josephs launched The MacBeth Collection with an opening mantra of Decorate your life. The seven-year-old home & accessories line marries together functional home storage and organization with high-design to make decorative living essential. After triple-digit growth and distribution in more than 3,500 stores nation-wide, The MacBeth Collection has spread its custom-designed creations to almost every home product and accessory including: storage bins, baby pails, picture frames, flower vases, umbrella holders, clip boards, etc. – all with the mission of transforming the mundane into a stylish expression of personal style.

What fabulous style and the best part, you get to choose!! These adorable containers would be perfect for the next bridal shower or garden event. Best of all ----- I see a matching invitation design swirling in my head!!!! Silly designer, always thinking about the next cool invitation!! ;)

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Wow, these are sooo beautiful! Love the designs.... I just sent you an email about the banner link exchange!! :)

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