Tuesday, August 12, 2008

{Proposal Caught on Film}

Ok, first of all, let me set the stage.  
Meet Nick.  
Nick is a bartender on the weekends at the beautiful Villa Sienna.
Meet Alicia.  
Alicia is my assistant, but was a guest at a wedding last summer and saw Nick the bartender.
Fast Forward.
A few months later, I was the planner for another wedding at Villa Sienna.
Nick makes a comment about being single!
Planner plays match maker!
... and here we are back at Villa Sienna for the beautiful proposal!

Ok Nick - the show is all yours!

Picture 2
{Nick fishing in pocket for the ring while Alicia is trying to figure out 
what they are doing in this courtyard.  
She thought they were only picking up his check, 
then meeting my husband and I for dinner}

Picture 6
{Alicia is thinking "What the heck is going on?  
We better hurry up or we will be late for dinner and Kim will kill me!"}

Picture 7
{Kiss kiss on hand - as other hand nervously shakes out of control}

Picture 8
{Let the show begin -- notice: Alicia is still confused}

Picture 9
{To the love of my life .... }

Picture 10
{This was the best reaction ever! She was beyond shocked}

Picture 16
{Still shocked and realizing the ever so talented photographer, 
Shelly Ivy, is hiding in the bushes}

Picture 15
{Not only was the photographer hiding in the bushes, but so were her family and friends}

Picture 11
{I think she's still in shock.  Oh and notice the magenta roses that Nick purchased for Alicia?  He really wants raspberry for a wedding color.  Good subliminal message, Nick!}

Picture 18
{And another kiss kiss}

Picture 1
{Let the planning begin ......}


Ivy Studios said...

LOVE the story commentary!! Sooo cute! Congratulations again Nick and Alicia! I was so glad I could be there to document your engagement... that was AWESOME!! Looking forward to the wedding :)

- Shelly Ivy

Lucky Designs said...

So cute! Very romantic!

Brenda said...

This was such a cute post! I loved it. What wonderful memories they will have with a photographed engagement.

Liene at Blue Orchid Designs said...


Events by Evonne, LLC said...

What an awesome post! Thanks for sharing the story AND the photos!

Inspired Events By Nycia said...

Very romantic!! Congratualtions to this cute couple!!

*~ Jane ~* said...

awww I love this!! So super cute! And very well thought out Nick!
(ps Rasberry is a great color!)

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