Saturday, August 2, 2008

{Oh So Beautiful - Handmade Jewelry}

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Why do they do this to me?? Vendors send me these nice little emails asking if it's ok that they showcase their products to us. Then expect me not to check out their site and DROOL for the rest of the afternoon. :) Peggy Li emailed us on Friday to introduce her beautiful line of jewelry. I just had to blog about it because it's unique but simple at the same time! I'm in love!!

For over six years, Peggy has been creating handmade jewelry that has caught the attention of TV's Grey's Anatomy, Without a Trace, Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, and publications such as Oprah Magazine and Lucky. A stark contrast to her beginnings as a Chemical Engineering major at UC Berkeley, Peggy's handmade jewelry design began with inspiration from the artisans on Berkeley's famous Telegraph Avenue.

"I enjoy designing handmade jewelry, making things that help women feel beautiful. When women feel beautiful, they feel powerful and have more confidence."

Peggy's handmade jewelry designs are deceptively simple, featuring artisan craftsmanship mixed with contemporary approaches to contrast, color, texture and composition.

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