Friday, July 11, 2008

We are back! YAY!!

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YAY -- we are back!! And we have a new blog address that is easier to remember ---- (remember .net for blog .com for our main website)
We will still keep the same blogger name, Mrs Designher, so if you have us bookmarked already, you wont have to change it unless you would like to!

Thank you everyone who has been very patient while we slightly reconstructed our blog. It's not exactly how we want it, but it's up and running so that we are available to keep posting. I also appreciate your patience because I was gone all week doing my civic duty with jury duty. Yes, I was selected to be a part of a trial and it has been a very eye opening experience! As much as it creates an inconvenience with your daily schedules, I think it's important for everyone to be a part of it at least once in your lifetime. It's been incredible and to say the least; however, I am happy it will be over with on Monday.

So stay tuned next week when we will have TONS of great tablescapes to show you from the NACE show and an awesome video with Scott Corridan endorsing our products!! YAY!!!


Glamour This! by Kelly said...

I blogged about my centerpieces awhile ago... come one get with the program :)

Polka Dot Bride said...

Love the new look :) very stylish!

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