Tuesday, June 10, 2008

{5 Questions with Sylvia Weinstock}


Cake connoisseur Sylvia Weinstock shares her secrets to choosing a sensational wedding confection and tells us about her tastiest combinations. —Cari Wolfert

What new wedding cake trend would you like to see more brides doing?

I would love to see more brides incorporating elements from their gown into their cakes. If a bride has personalized embroidery on her gown or veil we can translate it to be piped in icing onto the cake for a beautiful touch.

What process do you take brides through to create their perfect wedding cake?

We like to know their overall taste. We ask them who their favorite clothing designers are to get a feeling for their style. We will want to know where the party is because aren't not going to want to put a cake that looks like Versailles in a minimalist Japanese-inspired room. Then we will ask about the season of the wedding—maybe lemon curd with fresh raspberry for a summer luncheon and chocolate, mocha and hazelnut for a winter affair. We also will ask about the reception decor for inspiration.

What is the most important thing for a couple to consider when choosing their wedding cake?

They should remember that it not only had to be beautiful to look at, but has to be delicious too.

What are the most popular fillings or cake flavors you are seeing?

As we are coming into summer brides are looking for something lighter so I am seeing a lot of raspberry, strawberry, key lime, blood orange and mango. In general, sophisticated tastes are also popular now too because a lot of brides are older and have experienced great food so they have a better idea about what they want to serve guests.

How has cake making changed through the years?

I rather hope that it has gotten better. When I started this business 30 years ago cakes were either beautiful but inedible, or delicious and didn't look like much. Now the combination has improved.

Bonus Question: What's your favorite type of cake to eat?

I love lemon. My ideal cake would be a yellow butter cake with fresh lemon curd and raspberries, but my husband loves chocolate so if I am making a cake big enough to alternate tiers I try to satisfy us both.

Article - www.brides.com (Monday May 12, 2008)

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perfect bound said...

this was so fun. i think the cake is the most light hearted and delicious part of the whole wedding. the cake is an opportunity to have fun and take a risk. I love what Sylvia said about incorporating an element from you gown into the cake.

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