Wednesday, May 14, 2008

{Personalize Your Event}

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Personalizing your event can mean many different things. A couple can add their signature details through color, decor elements, food and even music. Adding these personal touches are so important to making your event unique and showcasing your personality. Today, monograms are just as popular as ever before because they are more creative compared to when they first begun with just the single last initial. With technology and fabulous design images, the sky is the limit to creating a simplistic monogram into a beautiful design that is like a piece of art.

Be conscientious when designing and using your monogram:

-- FONT: When choosing a font / typestyle for your monogram, choose at least 3 - 4 different ones. What may work for one name, may not look as appealing for another. Like some times the letter "S" or "T" will not appear as you expect.

-- DESIGN: Think about the style and decor of your home. Are you someone who likes contemporary, romantic, vintage, Asian, retro or even floral designs? Check out the pattern in your china, towels in your bathroom, or even a comforter. These such things can inspire your monogram design because they reflect your personality.

-- COLORS: You can definitely use your chosen event colors, but also consider using black or grey and apply it to color. For example, there are big savings to have your monogram printed with black ink onto a colored cardstock rather than colored ink, and it comes out very beautiful and rich.

-- RULE OF THUMB: Do not overuse a monogram. Add it to your event with random and simplistic touches, but do not go overboard. It does not have to be seen on every element of your event. Introduce it with your paper essentials and a few additional items like maybe a cake topper, aisle runner or beautiful gobo on your dance floor. By overusing your monogram, you are actually down playing the beauty of it.

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Eliana B. said...

I just love your blog and designs. As a fellow wedding vendor myself I must say you inspire me!

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