Monday, April 28, 2008

{Table Setting}

I found these informative table setting diagrams on the Toast and Tables blog and thought they would come in really handy. The casual lunch makes me want to throw a beautiful summer party by the pool with refreshing summer time drinks and delicious foods hot off the barbecue.

(above: For a casual lunch, feel free to use heavier dinnerware, like these simple ceramic plates. Provide glasses for whatever beverage you plan to serve).


(above: A casual dinner calls for less formal china and stemware, and stainless steel flatware is fitting for the relaxed setting).


(above: For a formal luncheon, the table is set much as for dinner with a few exceptions. The presence of an iced teaspoon and iced beverage glass announce a daytime event).


(above: The primary difference between a formal luncheon and formal dinner setting is the increased number of glasses for red wine and champagne).

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