Friday, April 18, 2008

{My Own Wedding Survey}

Everyone is always asking me TONS of questions about my own wedding, so I thought this little Myspace survey would be fun on a Friday! :) Thanks Lisa!

Necklace and Ring

1. What month & year were you married?
April 2007
Pic 9

2. How did he ask you?
We just moved into our new house, that we finished building after a year, and there was this GIANT acrylic key sitting on the master bed with my name and "Will You Marry Me?" On the top was the key to our new house :) {{and yes I was in moving clothes with no sexyness what-so-ever}}

3. Where did you honeymoon?
We didn't :( -- Rule of thumb: NEVER leave something up to a man that is extremely important to you! ha ha

4. Can you still fit in your dress?
Maybe, but haven't even thought about trying.
Pic 5

5. What was the worst gift you got?
A gift can never be bad! But I hate that a friend said to me "Since I had to buy a dress to come to your fancy event, I couldn't afford a gift." Ummmmm ok :)

6. What flavor was your wedding cake?
Coldstone Ice Cream Cake - Cake Batter with coconut and pie crust mixed in with chocolate cake. The stunt one he used to smash all over my face was coconut and vanilla.

7. Were you a bridezilla?
No, absolutely not. I never expect perfection because I know there are always glitches and I just rolled with the punches. It made for an AWESOME day!

8. Whats one thing you would change about your wedding?
Refer to Question #3

9. Do you still look at your wedding pics?
Its the slide show on my Mac. However, I still haven't had an printed for the house. Another thing for my summer to-do list.

10. What colors did you use?
Champagne and Platinum (I love gold, he loves silver, so it was a combination of us as a couple)
with Black and Ivory
TEE_photo 3

11. Where did you tie the knot?
On the lake where we built our home
Pic 2

12. Whats one funny thing that happened that day?
My husband smashed (I mean SMASHED) the cake in my face. So I ran off to the bathroom and he came around the corner to check on me, not knowing about the HUGE piece of cake I had in my hand to get even with ;)
Picture 1

13. How many showers did you have?
1 beautiful one by my awesome girls and mom!

14. Did you cry?
Does one tear count?

15. Did you give any wedding favors away?
Absolutely and they were a big hit. I still have people asking me today if I can get more.

16. Who caught the flowers and garter?
I didn't do either of these. We just had a big dinner party and a low key intimate affair.

17. Who was your officiant or minister?
Pastor Randy Williams -- HIGHLY recommend him any time possible!

18. How much was your wedding dress, undergarments and all?
Oh, I would rather not say. But I will say that I did stay within my budgeted amount, two gowns and all!

Pic 15

19. Was there dancing?
Not really! We had wine, cigar, and coffee stations outside so everyone made sure to enjoyed them while sitting by the lake.

20. Where was the reception?
On the same lake, but in the beautiful community country club.

21. Would go back and do it over again?
Absolutely! In a heart beat!! No one ever believes that it's over in a blink of an eye, but it truly was.

22. How long did you have to plan your wedding?
11 months. I wanted longer (11-11-08) but he wanted a spring wedding (04.01.07). We played 3 games of tic-tac-toe for the date!

23. What kind of car were you in when you drove away?
I drove away in my car and he drove away in his truck. How romantic :) ha ha

24. How many in your wedding party?
4 girls, 4 guys - because we had a circle ceremony and each "couple" stood on an aisle around us.
Pic 12

25. Did you do anything different in your wedding or reception?
Part of my gift to my husband was a "Trash the Dress" session. My amazing photographer (Shelly Ivy) too me out into the desert with all of my honey's dune toys, about a month prior to the wedding. And we captured, played, and went crazy. It was awesome. So during the reception we did a top 10 list as to why we fell in love. My #1 reason was "He lets me dress like a girl, but play like a boy" and I showed a 3 minute video of me with the photography session. People were in awe because it was the prefect gift and super creative. Don't worry, I did donate the dress after it got a little ruffed up, but it wasn't in bad shape at all.

dirt toy in the desert

26. Did you save the top layer of your cake for your 1 year anniversary?
No! We didn't think the ice cream cake would stay well for an entire year.

27. If so, did you eat it? Was it still good?

28. What was the grand total spent on your wedding?
I went $11,000 under budget which beyond thrilled my husband :) Thank goodness for having some amazing connections in the business!

29. Who traveled the farthest to attend your wedding?
My father and step-mom :)

Pic 6


Anonymous said...

I loved all the details of your wedding.

Only 63 days left for me

*~ Jane ~* said...

thanks for sharing your special day with us!

Trisha said...

Futtsy. I LOVED this post. I love them all, but this one was so much fun. I'm going to have to steal this idea for my blog(s). ;)

<3 you!!!

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