Thursday, March 13, 2008

{{Chic Boutique}} HelloOoOoOo Cute Tote Bags!

While this morning consisted of looking for cute boutique style logo designs to inspire me, I had an epiphany .... I just love custom designers and unique products!! {{paper arts, sewing projects, wood crafting, clay making ... all things handmade}} So I decided to start a new section in my blog dedicated to all of those super creative designers out there who showcase their fabulous products online! We are calling it "Chic Boutique". {Think}

So with that said, our first designer that we would like to showcase is: Pink Lemonade Bags
Picture 1

These adorably fashionable bags are constructed for use as a baby bag, but why not turn them into a cute bridesmaid tote and stuff the inner pockets with accessories? I would love to use one as a bathroom bag and fill it full of make-up and hair accessories. The pocket would be a great spot for a bottle of hairspray, a curling iron, or even a brush set. Check them out!! You will agree that they are absolutely adorable!

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