Monday, January 14, 2008

{Oh So Sweet Yumminess}

Hello sweet temptation that I'm not suppose to have, but goodbye to boring favors!! What a great idea for a favor or small gift that is simply delicious looking. I can just see a cute little jar sitting atop a beautiful napkin. Or an entire sweets buffet made with these adorable treats.

fat daddy cakes

Each jumbo Fat Daddy cupcake is layered into a half pint jar with sumptuous velvety butter cream frosting, fudge or our famous cream cheese buttercream! The jars hold one huge FAT DADDY cupcake (1-3 servings). If you plan to give your FAT DADDY as a gift, let me know and I will include a personalized gift card an no additional charge.

Fat Daddy cupcakes in a jar are shelf stable for up to 7 days, and can be frozen upon receiving for up to 10 weeks, just thaw on the counter top for a few hours. You can store the jars in the refrigerator to extend shelf life to 7-10 days; just let them warm to room temp before eating.


Ellen said...

These look delish! Could be a fun DIY project. I've seen recipes floating around online for making these yourself. Wish I could remember where I originally saw it (somewhere crafty I think) but you can always google "jar cake" if you're interested :o)

Anonymous said...

What a SWEET idea!

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