Thursday, January 31, 2008

{Networking with Scott Corridan}

Yesterday was such an awesome day. Fran, at the Phoenix Bride and Groom Magazine hosted an event at Los Cedros in Scottsdale. The drive to this facility is quite a distance, but once you arrive you can't help be to be taken back by the architectural beauty. For those of you who love Arabian horses, this is one of the most spectacular, well maintained, and all together beautiful places with the warmest and friendliest staff. Their website doesn't do justice for their beauty.
Picture 1

So after being in awe with the surroundings, I was able to enjoy the afternoon being inspired but one of the most amazing Event and Floral Designers, Scott Corridan. His creativity is outstanding, his energy is contagious, and personality is so sincere. You can tell through the way he speaks, that he's extremely passionate about what he does. (And a few choked up tears also do wonders to express this)
Picture 13
I just loved every minute of it! I even volunteered to be one of his assistants and do a role play situation with another lady (Lisa Youngblood from Enchanted Cuisine). This is sooooo far out of my character because typically I turn bright red, get choked up, and even feel a little dizzy when I have to "act" in front of people. I'm confident to speak in front of large groups, but I'm never very good at the "acting" so I tend to get a little embarrased. But I can say that yesterday I had the time of my life and so very happy that I was able to do it and pull it off successfully. It was a great accomplishment for me and so much fun. He made me feel welcome, excited, and I accept his constructive criticism very generously.

It was just a great day, great time, and I met some of the most warm hearted and creative people in my industry. I wish there was more time in a day to have met more of them, but I enjoyed what I was able to accomplish and who I was able to meet!!


saundra, event engineer said...

that is cool...maybe you saw my friend there....Liene with Blue Orchid Designs...

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

what gorgeous details! i'm so jealous of you for getting to attend this great event!

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