Friday, January 11, 2008

Custom Monogram Embosser

If there is one thing that I love about weddings, it's finding ways to add a little class to your paper essentials without breaking the bank. That's where an embosser comes in handy (especially with a beautifully created custom monogram)

An EMBOSSER is the perfect way to make your mark on paper products (especially with a beautiful custom designed monogram)
You can use them on envelopes, invitations, stationery items, favor tags, stickers, napkins, and more! WG Press is a great place to purchase affordable embossers. You can even order an additional "plate" so you can have more than one design!

What is an EMBOSSER?
An embosser is a tool that creates a raised image (without ink) on paper. Insert your paper between the embosser plates, press down on the embosser handle, and create a beautiful raised image.

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perfect bound said...

I just saw new embossers in the Williams Sonoma catalogue. Perfect for Valentines Day.

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