Tuesday, October 9, 2007

~*Invitation Design Contest*~

The Event Essentials is hosting a contest for a FREE invitation design for that special bride or event host and the sky is the limit.

Design it in a pocketfolder, apply metalic papers, wrap it with a custom washi band, dress it with Swarovski rhinestones ... we are up for a creative challenge!


If you are or know someone who is interested, please fill out the information below and email it to us at info@theEventEssentials.com

Your Company Name:
Event Date:
Event Colors:
Event Theme:

100 words or less explaining why you are nominating and please attach any inspiration photos.

Send this to your friends, coworkers, or other friendly bloggers!! Contest begins TODAY at noon (MST), the winner will be drawn on Sunday evening and an announcement will be posted on our blog on Monday October 22nd.

** This does not include product or assembly services. We will provide you with a fully prepared PDF file with printing/assembly instructions. Inquire with us about goods and assembly services.

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