Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Jewelry by KAI Creations

Our friend, Kelly De Luca, over at Kai Creations caught my eye with a BEAUTIFUL jewerly piece today. I just absolutely adore the blue tie with the beading. SOOOOO cute!! Great job girls! Keep the beautiful pieces coming!! You can also check out their great blog: Glamour This

Kai Creations

What is the meaning behind Kaï?

We are three young ladies ; Kelly, Anne-Émilie and Isabelle and we have one need : a need to create. So why not combine our common interests and talents and make it a fusion of ideas and style?

Every woman loves to feel beautiful, unique but more importantly to feel like a woman! The combination of those qualities is what pushed us to create handcrafted jewlery. What reward it is to know that your piece of jewelry has something unique. Thats the advantage of buying handcrafted jewelry; a Kaï Creation.

As you navigate our site, you will soon realize that we use the same approach for all our various collections. We create beautiful designs for evenings, night outs or simply to make you feel extra beautiful on a day to day basis. That is why you have the luxury to preview all our magnificent collections. Enjoy!

K + A+ I handcrafted jewelry designers

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