Friday, July 6, 2007

The First 10 Years - Anniversary Gifts

I found this great little book yesterday and thought it would be fun to start sharing through a blog. So here we go with our first ever post.

"The Meaning of Wedding Anniversaries" ~ by Gretchen Scoble and Ann Field



1. Paper - For the first anniversary, the fragile, transitory symbol of paper represents the delicate nature of a new relationship. (consider a gift of a paper lantern over a romantic dinner)

2. Cotton - A couple's second anniversary, like cotton thread tied around a finger, is a reminder to recall the wedding vows and to reflect upon the maturing marriage. (consider a gift of luxurious cotton sheets)

3. Leather - Symbolic of protection and covering. (consider a gift of leather goods like gloves, jackets, or even shoes)

4. Fruits and Flowers - From the offering of flowers on a first date to the wedding bouquet, flowers are the earth's love letters, gestures of hope and renewal. The woman is represented by flowers, the many by fruit. (consider a gift of handpicked fruit and flower baskets or a small citrus tree)

5. Wood - Wood symbolizes the warmth and light of sexual energy and creativity. It symbolizes strength, solidity, life, and wisdom. (consider a gift of a trip to a Bed and Breakfast with a romantic fireplace)

6. Candy - A symbol for all that is sweet and good in life. (consider a gift of caramel apples at a local fair or a box of chocolates with a love note attached)

7. Wool - The pristine lamb, with its soft, shining wool, has always symbolized hope and renewal. The gift of wool symbolizes durability, comfort, and warmth. (consider a gift of a wool sweater or blanket)

8. Bronze - The symbol of the eighth wedding anniversary, is partly a medication on voice and sound. (consider bronze jewelry, chimes, or bells)

9. Pottery - In the Bible and the Koran, as in other stories of creation, much is said about humans being created from clay.
(consider a gift of an artisan ceramic vase, bowl, or set of mugs)

10. Tin - The milestone of the thenth wedding anniversary is represented by tin, a gleaming and malleable metal. (consider a gift of tableware, collectiable tin cup, or vintage classic toys

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