Sunday, July 8, 2007

Creative Rhino Cake

I just had to share with everyone the COOLEST birthday cake EVER. June 23 was my husband's 26th birthday, but we had a surprise birthday party for him that Friday night before. I can definately say that he is spoiled rotten!! He has everything under the sun and no one ever knows what to get him. Well, I let my creativity run wild and this year actually came up with something pretty cool that he would have never expected.

He LOVES to play in the dirt with his Rhino (UTV sand toy -- or as I refer to it "Golf cart on steroids"). Here is a picture of him racing around.


Here is the specialty cake made by one of the BEST cake makers around. With a little magic created by Carol at Sugar Buzz, we came up with the BIGGEST surprise ever. (she makes AMAZING and DELICIOUS wedding cakes too)



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